MYODA Pre & Primary School

Welcome to the MYODA Pre & Primary School !
We are a place for education, fun, love , friendship and harmony!

“Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself.”

In January 2003 the MYODA Pre & Primary School opened. The school was meant for orphans and otherwise vulnerable children in the community. The MYODA Pre & Primary Scholl is not getting any Support from the government so we are only able to exist because of many helping Hands and financial Support from outside.
When the School started there were 30 children attending and we were teaching the children in the church of our community. Since then the number has increased to 61 children and after a lot of years and many helpers the first building of the school is neraly finished and our happy children are able to learn in a real school.

At our School we are having three different classrooms for the three different classes.
In only one classroom are tables and chairs, in the other two the students have to learn on the ground. At the first building the are still some uncompleted parts like the bathroom, the floor or the roof of the classroom.

We are teaching the children from Monday to Friday from 08:00- 14:00 in different subjects like mathematics, english, hand writing, health/ care and environment and many more. At the Moment three very motivated and caring teacher are teaching three different classes. The classes are devided into age and the knowledge of the children.
The children are enjoying the school a lot and they are very happy to learn more about our colourful and big world! For a lot of children the school is their second home where they can explore the world, practicing their skills and having a great childhood.
There is a huge gap in material to make teaching more exciting, interesting and effective. For example there is a big need in exercise books, teaching books, pencils, blackboards, colours, learning games etc.
In addition to that the children have to wear a school uniform which is also expensive and a lot of parents cant pay for it. Most of the time the school has to pay for this as well.

During the breaks the children are playing outside, catching baloons or playing Football.
The teacher always try to play some new games with the children to promote their athletic skills as well as teamwork, mindfulness and creativity.

At the moment we are able to provide breakfast and lunch for the children in School. This is very important because most of the childrens families are very poor and they are not able to give the children healthy and neutrens food.
But sometimes there are months were we are not having enough money for providing the food and it is more difficult for the children to listen carefully and being concentrated.

Support us
If you are interested in supporting us there are a lot of diferent ways…

First of all the most important way is monetary donation to realize our future visions and to cover all the costs:
1) Food and school uniform
2) school and learn material
3) Construction of the school building

Moreover the School is always happy about material funds like books, pencils, learning games, tables, chairs etc.

The MYODA Pre & Primary School is giving these vulnerable children a better start on life, and in this way hopefully providing them the first steps out of poverty.
We are always happy about helping hands and people who support our School!
So if you are interested in volunteering in our school you are more than welcome and we receive you with open arms!

We were creating a little Video of the best moments in the last few weeks. We hope you will enjoy it and it will give you a good Impression about our School and social Project.

Asante sana and Karibu!